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5 Things Ecommerce can learn from Retail – part 1

 Educate your customer

4612732045_e1e6061b69_zCustomer education plays a central role in the ultimate sales strategy. With educating your customer you offer them help. You also express you care about them making a wise decision for their particular situation. That makes education a powerful instrument for getting customers to connect to you before their transaction.

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What’s more, it is also an essential strategy to maintain the relation with your customer after the purchase. This can greatly influence your success in turning a one-off-sale into a returning customer. Check out The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes. Chet Holmes gives many creative examples how education of customers caused sales to boom.

E-commerce can learn from retail in this field. E-commerce is generally very good at providing specifications. Automated interfaces of product specifications provided by wholesale or manufacturer make this very easy. The challenge for E-commerce is to shift its focus to the meaning and impact of specification in order to fulfil the need of each individual customer. Is e-commerce capable to provide more then just the product? If not, harsh price competition will be the result.P1070688-3

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