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How to create engagement with customer flow

Customer Flow is like Surfing (2) klein

by Ger van den Buijs, {grow} Community member

Most articles present Customer Journey as a given fact. They presume customers are happy with their purchasing journey. I doubt that. I think there is a lot to gain for customers. I think that the overload of information has made shopping complex and a solution is needed.

Why just understand the customer journey? Aim to optimize it.

I will outline my analysis in 5 views, each with a detailed explanation. The graphics presented in this article build up to new understanding of the customer journey, what I like to call “Customer Flow.”

  1. Hygiene view
  2. Customer view
  3. Market view
  4. Customer flow view
  5. Purchasing Detour view

To read the full article, please follow this link {Grow} where it was originally published.


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