About FiveDolphins.com

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FiveDolphins.com is a real-time, cross customer interaction plug-in for websites. It is focused on relevance for the recipient. This makes it fundamentally different from social media, that focusses on the sender.

Target audience

  • Ecommerce sites : pure players as well as multi-channel players
  • Expertise sites
  • Community sites

What FiveDOLPHINS can do for you

FiveDOLPHINS makes your e-commerce activity more profitable. We found there is a need for a new solution, because earning profits has become more and more difficult. Though e-commerce turnover is still rising, margins are decreasing and marketing costs are rising. Much is due to the volatile behaviour of customers.

FiveDOLPHINS helps you to increase customer retention and margins, by giving you a platform to demonstrate identity, quality and care. Your site will become unique, because it’ll be  personal. It will engage customers to return, because they will have a slightly different experience each visit. I recently launched a book about the marketing strategy behind FiveDOLPHINS.

The key characteristics of the FiveDOLPHINS plug-in are:
– open, transparant customer to customer communication
– extreme relevance
– real-time interaction
– augmented interaction: interaction enriched with on demand content

These characteristics are exactly what today’s customers expect. See also my blog on this topic: https://gervandenbuijs.com/2015/07/19/the-5-key-elements-of-todays-customer-expectation/

Why is FiveDOLPHINS interesting for you?

FiveDolphins is interesting when you want to win the market by:
– building a community with your customers
– differentiating your webshop from your competition on quality of service and information instead of price.
– listening to the Voice of the Customer
– communicating your Brand Identity interactively.

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The name FiveDolphins

The objective of FiveDolphins is to grant web customers an experience like one would have in retail. In real life, people act and interact simultaneously. We want to offer the same experience on web. Shopping and talking simultaneously.FiveDolphins.jpg

We have chosen the metaphor of five dolphins, because dolphins are beautiful and highly intelligent creatures that communicate continuously during their actions.

The number of five dolphins reflects that customers are more tempted to participate when the reach is limited. A living room or meeting room is more comfortable than a podium with a large audience. Our platform uses top technology to form small groups of people that are highly relevant to each other. This ensures lively and meaningful interactions.

How to get FiveDolphins ?

FiveDolphins will be launched in Q1 2018.

Are you interested to learn more? Send me an email at ger.vandenbuijs@fivedolphins.com