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Cover Forget Reach Start Selling foto
Author Ger van den Buijs
Date June 2017
ISBN 9789082666304

Why whould you read this book?

E-commerce has gained a lot of market share, but most e-commerce companies make insufficient profits.

The first reason is the fierce price competition, due to lack of differentiation and increased transparency.
The second reason is the continuous rise in marketing costs. Customers are harder to reach due to the information-overload.

This book shows how you can turn this lack of customer attention into an opportunity and become more profitable.

Evolution of Society
Society 2

You want to realize that today e-commerce is just commerce.
Digital has changed the world and our interactions. Both technology optimists and pessimists claim the world will never be the same, but history puts these claims in a different perspective. People will absorbe technology and use it when it adds value.So when e-commerce fails to be profitable while good retail companies do make profits, it makes sense to learn from these successfull retail companies.

Social media customers
776756816_d5bd887f36_o Security GuruSecurity Guru

Social media have created the problem of information-overload.They have, on the other hand, also empowered customers. Due to social media, the world has again become like a small medieval community.

In those small communities, customers and vendors were tightly connected. Customers expected transparency, immediacy and personal connection and bad suppliers were not tolerated.
Today’s customers want a similar relation, which creates an opportunity for skilled and service minded companies.

Faceboek marketing is like bowling
2253235799_5600fb7f2f_b aaron menteleaaron mentele

My interviews showed that successful retailers have open interactions with customers, to create atmosphere and guidance.
They work with each customer to find how this customer can enrich his life.In digital marketing, FaceBook (FB) is much promoted to interact with customers.However, FB maybe started as interaction platform, but most interactions of customers and companies are a kind of broadcast. The same holds for most other social media.
A second issue with FB is that the interaction gets disconnected the moment people move from Facebook to your site.

Reach OR Energy?

When all companies strive for reach, customers are bound to get more and more messages. This will only aggravate the overload problem.
So we need to start doing things differently.I propose to broadcast less and to interact more. By giving visitors your attention, you will enlarge the conversion from your marketing. The energy you insert into the relation determines the result.The focus of this book is how to get customers to interact with you.

VoC-fication model

The Vocification model is the main model of the book. It has three layers.
The top layer shows the need for personal connection.

The bottom layer describes the orientation process and selection process.

The middel layer describes that the transaction should have the sense of cooperation. This is important, because in order to make an advice more influencial, customers need to perceive the advisor as

  • equal
  • authentic.

Stand amidst your customers
Employee branding and customer community

Successfull retailers stand amidst their customers and advise them in a human to human interaction. Their main objective is to make a customer happy. Their main instrument is working from his request.

These retailers represent the customer towards the company, in order to get the customer the best deal. This is the opposite of sending customers messages you hope them to forward to their peers, in order to promote your company.
But you’re right to expect that happy customers will be eager to talk about their experience with other customers.

A good retailer earns his support by supplying a great experience.