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Open kitchen e-commerce

Research shows that open interaction has impact on the customers and on the service agents, leading to a 17% increase in experience.
This second article on this topic updates you on how we will implement this concept.

Customer Flow is like Surfing (2) klein

Customer Flow

Flow is achieved by the experience of success after a little effort. The best differentiater for retail is helping customers to make steps during their orientation phase.

Trigger questions online

The brain can easily ignore information, but it can’t ignore questions. Read what questions can do for you and your customer.


Sales stories happy end

Storytelling is only effective when done well. You want to involve customers in a story that contributes to basic emotions in life.

Value of interaction

Today, customers trust peer customers more than your company. How can you involve peer interaction into the shopping process?

5 Key Customer expectations

The social-media-era-customer expects a personal, transparent, immediate, connected experience, full with cross-customer interaction.

Automated marketing

Multiple marketing instruments can be automated. But be careful to build enough human to human connection. “Automate as much as possible, but not more that that. “

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Activity attracts attention

Webshops are quiet places. No other customers, no activity. In real life most people feel attracted to a lively atmosphere. What could this mean to e-commerce?



Persuasion is an art. A lot of research is done things that will persuade a person to act or to act differently. I will share some great persuasion tips that can be used in e-commerce.


Remove obstacles

Obstacles are a natural element in a purchase. The last obstacle requires your special attention. This article describes how you can use this in e-commerce.

Sale - Sale - Sale

Price is unequal to value

Research shows that 84% of consumers start their online shopping with an open mind, browsing for ideas. Learn how to stand out from the competition in this initial phase.


Educate your customers

Education is a great way to deliver value during the orientation phase. But it is also a great way to keep existing customers engaged.


Social media engagement

What is the value of social media to a customer that is doubting what product to choose? Then, once this customer moves to your site, you would want to enhance the communication. Learn what this could mean to your shop.


The marketing vulcano

We are in an era where the effect of marketing is very hard to predict. Things that used to work no longer do. Understand what is happening.